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#202 Pre-Draft 4-26-17

The 2017 NFL Draft is here and the Seahawks FanTable is here to talk about it with special guest Matty Brown from Inside the Pylon joins Sam, Zeb and #ROSS.

4/27 - 1st Round of the NFL Draft (Seahawks pick #26)
4/28 - 2nd-3rd Rounds of the NFL Draft (Seahawks pick #58#90#102 & #106)
4/29 - 4th-7th Rounds of the NFL Draft (Seahawks pick #210, & #226)

Seahawks Pre-Draft
Topic #1 Carroll has said their top priorities are OL, RB and DB; how does that shape the draft? Are those guys available?
Topic #2 Draft Surprises? Lynch has been traded for a '18 pick; and Sherman talks have died down.
Topic #3 Homer Corner - What draft pick did you fall in love with? Do you have a type?
Topic #4 2010-2012 were cornerstone drafts but 2013-2016 were not; has the FO lost a step?

Do the Seahawks trade up/down in the 1st round?
Do the Seahawks get a good/bad draft grade from the "Guru's?"
Will you be more happy/sad after the draft?
Are you going to be glued to social media and the TV?

Discuss on the forum.

Sam Chaya