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Three Step Drop: Russell Wilson in 2016-17: A Deep Passing Game Analysis

Lior from Three Step Drop looks at one of Russell Wilson's greatest tools; the Deep Ball.

We've seen Wilson's arm highlighted in wining multiple games too; 2014 NFC Championship against Green Bay to Kearse, 2013 NFC Championship against San Francisco to Kearse, 2013 Regular season against New England to Rice plus many others.

In this past injury plagued year, we should definitely worry which version of Wilson will emerge in 2017.


Lior breaks down each game of Wilson's passing and gives us hope. 

Russell Wilson

2016-17 NFL SEASON
353 completions on 546 passing attempts, 4,219 passing yards, 64.7% completion, 7.73YPA, 21 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 92.6 passer rating, 41 sacks for 293 yards

40 completions on 60 passing attempts, 449 passing yards, 66.7% completion, 7.5YPA, 4 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 97.2 passer rating, 6 sacks for 31 yards

The deep passing game declined this season for 3 primary reasons.

  1. Russell Wilson suffered 3 major injuries, including his high ankle sprain, MCL sprain, and pectoral strain, limiting his mobility and ultimately causing mechanics issues later in the season. These injuries ultimately seemed to drastically impact Seattle’s offensive game-plan in different parts of the season.
  2. A decline in the running game, marred by injuries to running backs, the quarterback, and an inability to run block with any consistency. Seattle used a total 11 different players at the RB at some point this year, forcing the brunt of the offense onto the passing game. The offense ended up relying too much on an injured Russell Wilson and a young offensive line. 
  3. Protection continued its worrisome trend of appearing to decline even further this season. Due to the offensive line’s inexperience, Russell Wilson played with more pressure than ever. 

Overall, there were some notable times this year when Wilson was able to accurately deliver his deep ball on a consistent basis. However, too many of Wilson’s deep throws this year were due to him overthrowing his receiver, with throwing mechanics often the issue; often cited as a result of his injuries this past season. 

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Sam Chaya